SpaceX’s Elon Musk plans bathroom upgrades after ‘challenges’ on Mission Inspiration4

Billionair Elon Musk She said SpaceX It is already planning some upgrades for its next flight after the successful mission of the fully civilian Inspiration4 crew earlier this month.

On Monday, Musk tweeted that he met with the Inspiration4 crew to congratulate the members on the historic journey. After the meeting, the SpaceX founder suggested that the bathrooms in the company’s Crew Dragon space capsule could use an upgrade.

“The toilets have definitely been upgraded 🙂 We had some challenges on this trip,” Musk joked on Twitter.

The Inspiration4 crew spent three days in orbit before landing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida last weekend. It was the first mission in history to orbit the Earth without a professional astronaut on board.

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While receiving questions from Twitter followers, Musk also raised possible other upgrades for the Dragon capsule.

“Yes, a small oven for heating food and Starlink wifi,” Musk said, referring to his satellite internet initiative.

The Inspiration4 mission crew included billionaire businessman Jared Isakman, who purchased all four seats, as well as St. Jude Hospital employee Hayley Arsenault, data engineer Chris Sembroxie and university professor Sian Proctor.

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The Crew Dragon capsule has a bathroom located on its roof. Business Insider reported in July that the bathroom features a 360-degree glass dome that overlooks the space.

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“It’s not a lot of privacy,” Isakman told the outlet. “But you have this kind of privacy curtain that goes over the top of the spacecraft, so you can kind of separate yourself from everyone else.” “And that also happens in the place of the glass dome. So, you know, when people inevitably have to use the bathroom, they’re going to have a great view.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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