The House votes to confirm Biden’s presidential victory

the week

Republicans are especially angry with Trump over the Georgia election losses

Republicans reeling on Wednesday over losing one, possibly two, Senate seats in Georgia on Tuesday. If Democrats Raphael Warnock and John Usoff flip both seats in the Senate, as is now expected, the Democrats will take control of the Senate on January 20. And “Republicans, who have empowered President Trump to be silent and compliant, are particularly angry at him for his smuggling. The majority in the Senate,” Mike Allen reports in Axios. «It is an appropriate and predictable end to the Trump era.» “In four years, Trump has lost his presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate to the Republican Party,” Mark Caputo notes at Politico. And while Trump has a capacity similar to the ability of the phoenix to rise from the rubble of his standards-breaking attacks, others are merely ashes. «The blame game is already burning inside the Republican Party,» he adds, «but apart from Georgian election official Gabriel Sterling — who blamed Trump on CNN — most Republicans» criticize Trump without revealing their identity. » But when you count on someone to win the Senate race that also lost statewide eight weeks ago, you are not in a position of strength. ”When a senior Republican aide in the Senate was asked why. Republicans lost Tuesday, he said, “Donald J. Trump.” Some of Trump’s allies backed off, blaming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for refusing to vote on $ 2,000 incentive checks. The Republican candidates, Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, also received friendly fire, But many «senior Republicans blame Trump for sabotaging what should have been two easy victories — alienating suburban voters with his chaos and madness, and sowing distrust in the Peach state election.» Machinery with primary voters, «wrote Axios Allen. However,» as a curtain call for Trump, nearly ten senators and more than 100 House Republicans will publicly support an idea many of whom believe is stupid and doomed, because they protest against endorsement. » Congress on President-elect Biden’s victory. “More stories from There has been a wave of resignations from the White House — and Trump is expected to claim that he will lead the march to the Capitol Building, only to return to the White House in a motorcade. They are discussing calling the 25th Amendment to remove Trump

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