«The Lady with the Bindi,» a NASA video spreads fast

NASA’s Mars rover successfully landed on the planet on Friday and was confirmed by Indian-American scientist Dr. Swati Mohan, who led the mission.

“Confirm landing! Persevere safely on Mars, ready to start looking for signs of past life, «said Dr. Mohan, as the mission control room at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, erupted with joy.

This video, released by NASA, went viral on social media with many praising Dr. Mohan’s pivotal role and his calmness. Meanwhile, Dr Mohan Bindi caught the attention of Indians and they felt proud that she comfortably represents her cultural heritage. Internet users were impressed by Dr. Swati’s cheerful appearance.

On the bundy, some netizens mentioned being physically bullied for wearing one, which means that wearing it at NASA and even having it is very important to Dr. Mohan.

Many on social media were stunned by Dr. Swati’s cultural appearance which was in complete contradiction to her achievement. Others have congratulated Dr. Mohan on being a woman, but is leading the mission.

A few people have tweeted that they get emotional upon seeing a woman in space, which was once considered a male bulwark.

A NASA scientist immigrated from India to the United States with her family when she was a year old and spent a large portion of her childhood in the Northern Virginia-Washington, DC area. Dr. Mohan graduated from Cornell University and completed her MA and PhD in Aeronautical Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I have been persevering for longer than I have been in any school. I have been persevering longer than my youngest daughter has been alive. Dr. Mohan said, It took a large part of my life for a long time.

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