The largest comet ever observed will approach Earth in 2031

Artist Roundup.

Artist Roundup.
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The greatness of space is often difficult to describe in words, but professional stargazers are often able to revere contemplate the heavens Before correctly expressing the cosmic grandeur displayed above the humble heads of mankind. Late last month, the universe gave us just one occasion: a big “cow comet” is making its way toward us at real speed, all of you.

as daily monster ReportsThe largest comet ever observed by mankind is currently on its way to passing through our solar system between Uranus and Saturn in less than ten years. Bernardinelli-Bernstein (named after its discoverers) is an estimated 60 to 100 miles wide and is the “nearly spherical cow”, making its celestial comparisons like Hell-Bob, which is only 37 miles wide.

“It’s original,” University of Pennsylvania astronomer Pedro Bernardinelli explains of their beloved bovine comet. “Not much has happened to this body since it was formed in the early days of the solar system, and so we can consider it a window into the past.”

According to astronomers, Bernardinelli-Bernstein (BB, as it is affectionately nicknamed) is a relic of the creation of our solar system billions of years ago, and will provide an illuminating look into the formative age of our cosmic neighborhood.

Since BB is generally present in deep space most of the time, its chemical composition is likely to have remained largely unchanged since its early years, i.e. a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Observations about this formation will be able to reveal exactly where BB first began in the solar system.

Although BB watchers hope the space agency will fund a probe trip to the comet’s surface (as NASA currently does with asteroids near Jupiter), they’re not holding their breath.

In all likelihood, we’ll only be able to stare at the big cow comet from telescopes here on Earth, but that alone should at least provide a raft of new information about how all this chaos first started.

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