The lively photo of Dwayne Wade spreads, his son Zaire interacts

Former NBA champion Dwayne Wade celebrated his 39th birthday with a trip out of town with his wife Gabrielle Union. The two went on a dreamy trip to Jamaica to spend time alone while leaving their children at home.

Wade showed his #birthday behavior with a racy photo Instagram With him naked, even though Union was blocking the view. While it’s all fun and games for the former NBA star and 99.99% of the world, these types of images are a bit awkward and annoying for their 18-year-old son Zaire Wade.

Zaire immediately posted a comment in which he expressed his disgust:

«This is not what I wanted to wake up to,» Zaire replied.

Their 13-year-old daughter Zaya also jumped in the comments section.

I wrote, «Aywooo cool, I’ve just got.»

In all fairness, 39 looks pretty good on Dwyane Wade. But in the defense of Zaire and Zaya, it wasn’t really a great sight to see your father in his birthday suit.

Despite this, Dwayne definitely got the right to celebrate his birthday with such an illustrious career behind him. The three-time NBA champion is a stunner in the Hall of Fame and will forever be remembered as one of the greats who have ever played Miami Heat.

Zaire is looking to make a name for himself in the basketball world and follow in his father’s footsteps in the NBA. The young left-keeper spent one year at Sierra Canyon High School alongside Bronny James, but has since moved to the Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. The 18-year-old prodigy is slowly working on his game and he is currently The possibility of three stars.

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