The man who killed Pluto is now pushing another planet

This is why he believes the body deserves planet status more than Pluto.

killer pluto

One of the most controversial events to happen in the world of astronomy occurred when Pluto was demoted as an official planet in 2006. Now, a planetary scientist who lobbied hard for a celestial body downgrade says he’s found a real planet worthy of recognition.

Caltech astronomer and planet killer Mike Brown claims to have found evidence of a possible planet in the Kuiper Belt approximately 100 billion miles from Earth, Reports daily monster. He explained to the publication that the object may be “six times the mass of Earth and the fifth largest planet in our solar system.”

This is embarrassing

Brown is in the awkward position of being one of the primary catalysts for the controversial write-off of Pluto as a planet. Fifteen years ago, the International Astronomical Union, a leading organization of astronomers and planetary scientists, appealed to redefine “planet” after it discovered an object in the Kuiper Belt known as Eris.

he told BBC in July. Brown feared that because there were many bodies larger than Pluto out there, it might eventually lead to an abundance of planets being classified as a planet—and so he decided to change that by changing the definition of a planet.

The redefinition led to Pluto being reclassified as a dwarf planet. It is also widely unpopular among scholars who, while respecting Brown, did not like the decision.

“He’s wrong about Pluto,” said Alan Stern, a NASA investigator in New Horizons. daily monster, he later asked, “Do we have eight states in the United States so that schoolchildren don’t have to memorize all fifty states? Shall we limit the number of species?”


Despite this, Stern and fellow Caltech astronomer Konstantin Batygin are confident that their latest discovery will likely be accepted as a planet without controversy — if it turns out to be one.

“There is attractive evidence for that,” said Batygin. daily monster. “But the search won’t end until we have a picture on hand.”

We’ll see though. For some reason, we feel there is a distinct possibility that some disgruntled astronomers may still hold a grudge against Brown’s murderous planetary past.

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