The Mandalorian Evil Theory of Luke Clone Will Destroy Star Wars Fandom

Luke Skywalker’s evil clone may be the latest piece from the canonical Extended Universe to become a part of Disney’s Star Wars in The Mandalorian.

Luke Skywalker’s appearance star Wars: The Mandalorian It was one of the second season The best surprisesThe work of the Capricorn master will be pivotal To move forward Fans will want to know how far Grogu’s training has progressed. However, the question still remains of whether or not the Luke who took Grogu was the real article.

Evil A clone of Luke Skywalker It was part of star Wars canon before, which means there’s a possibility that the creative team for Mandalorwin Juggling everyone by sending the most expensive user in the galaxy with a cloner.

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Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian

Being created by Locke’s hand after Darth Vader cut it off during their battle in Cloud City, the clone, Locke, Appeared in the popular Triple Throwing He was a vassal of another version of Jedi, Joruus C’baoth, as an extension of his master’s will. Luuke will continue to fight the real Luke to a standstill, but in the end, Mara Jade manages to distract the clone and kill him. Fighting a dark reflection about himself and seeing him die was a traumatic experience for Luke, which led him to the dark side.

Even after the Legends eliminated, clones remain a major part of the current star Wars Canon. It is known that Emperor Palpatine returned from the dead in Heavenly Rise Using a cloned body, he was allowed to continue using the abilities of his strength. The Mandalorian It has also dealt with its fair share of clones. With Boba Fett back in Season 2, Din Djarin has been fighting alongside a copy of Jango Fett for several episodes.

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Luke Skywalker

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that there was a copy of Luke in this continuity. There is a precedent for not requiring little or no explanation for a clone to appear, and Luuke’s origin can be recycled because Luke’s true hand has not been recovered in the current code. However, the possibility that Luke appeared in Mandurian It is a low clone. Grougo might have felt that Jedi wasn’t what he seemed to be when he was on contact and that R2-D2 wouldn’t have accompanied him either, unless he was there too. Evil robot clone In play, too.

Now, while those facts make clear that the creative team is behind The Mandalorian Luke didn’t mean to be a clone, that doesn’t mean that Lucasfilm’s creative team will never go that far, especially since his near future lies in Disney + and No movies. The Disney + series can explore the idea of ​​a Luke clone running in the same space as the original post-original The Mandalorian Interact with characters like Ahsuka TanoWhich would undermine the expectations of their long-awaited first meeting.

In this sense, the villainous Luke has some potential for storytelling. That said, it’s probably the best of the current star Wars Canon stays away from the craziest side of the European Union. Obviously, it would be an interesting idea to explore something similar to it star Wars’ Post on Marvel’s What if?, But not as part of the ecclesiastical future of the franchise.

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