The Pope says the violent «movement» of the Capitol must be condemned

Pope FrancisPope Francis Fairey: The Transportation Security Administration’s big split blocks more than 3 million travelers over the New Year’s weekend Pope Francis condemns those who spend their vacation abroad to avoid the restrictions of the Coronavirus More He said that the violent «movement» that took place on the US Capitol on Wednesday must be condemned.

The News agency She mentioned his statements on Saturday that he made during an interview with Italian station Mediaset that will be broadcasting on Sunday.

In the interview, Francis says that «in the most mature reality, there is always something that does not work, people taking a road against society, against democracy and against the common good,» according to AP reports.

«Thank God, this exploded» outdoors, the news service quoted Francis as saying. «So it can be seen, and so it can be treated.»

«This, this movement, must be condemned,» Francis said.

World leaders Weighs This week, the US Capitol breach left five people dead, including a Capitol police officer and a 35-year-old woman who was shot. The Capitol was put into lockdown as rioters stormed the Capitol Building, vandalizing offices and statues, as well as smashing windows.

Some protesters even entered the House and Senate.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin TrudeauJustin Pierre James Trudeau condemns Trump for «inciting» riots in the Capitol World leaders weigh on the riots in the Capitol On the anniversary of the shooting down of Flight 752, it is time to hold Iran accountable More convicted President TrumpDonald Trump McConnell published procedures for the second trial to impeach Trump Trump in the Senate proposes building his own platform after blocking Twitter poll: 18 percent of Republicans support the riots in the Capitol more And his allies on Friday charged with «inciting» riots.

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«What we witnessed was an attack on democracy by violent rioters incited by the current president and other politicians,» Trudeau said during a press conference. Press Conference.

«Although this horrific, deeply disturbing and frankly distressing event continues, this week we also saw that democracy is resilient in America.»

On Wednesday, Trump delivered a speech at a rally of supporters at the National Mall, encouraging his supporters to walk to the Capitol and demanding Congress count only «lawfully appointed» voters.

Following his observations, rioters swept across Capitol Hill.

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