The terrifying magnetic mouth clip is a safer weight loss tool

Researchers in United Kindom and New Zealand have developed a unique alternative to Bariatric Surgery – Invasive Medical procedures performed for weight loss purposes – by extension Oral magnetic lock Device This limits to what extent the wearer They can open their mouths And the, in return, The type of foods they can eat.

One of the most important The skills that must be learned in order to lose weight effectively in the long term is to follow a proper diet, including smaller portions. Actions like gAstrological bypass surgery makes this easier by physically shrinking the patient’s stomach, which limits how much they can eat at each meal. But it is an invasive procedure that has the same risks as any procedure that requires the patient to be sedated. It too Expensive, often costing tens of thousands of dollars, which is also complicated and expensive.

decades ago procedure The use of physical wires to close a patient’s jaws has been a popular alternative to losing weight, but it was permanent and came with its own challenges, including restrictions on proper oral hygiene. The DentalSlim Diet Control works in a similar way, but less always. A magnet is used to operate a temporary locking device that limits wearers from opening their mouths by only two millimeters, and restrictsIntroduce them to a liquid diet Without obstructing speech or breathing during the operation.

The DentalSlim device is attached to the molars of the dental wearer using an orthodontic adhesive so they never accidentally fall out, but the magnetic locking mechanism it uses It means it can too أيض Sometimes the attachment can be loosened and the wearer’s dietary restrictions can be temporarily relaxed. eVery patient with DentalSlim fixation also holds a special tool for that device It can be opened quickly in case of emergency. (Imagine dealing with the common side effects of a night on the navigation bar if you could only open your mouth two millimeters.)

An experiment with the device was detailed in a study published in British Journal of DentistryIn this study, seven healthy, obese patients were fitted with the device and spent 14 days on a strict, low-calorie diet. On average, they lost just over 14 pounds using DentalSlim, which is impressive, but such results also require strict adherence for the type of fluid being consumed. Sipping a milkshake for two weeks in a row won’t produce similar results, but If you are going to have trouble installing a device like DentalSlim, you are ideally bound by what is required to make it an effective weight loss tool.

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