These mollusks sever their heads and create a completely new body

This photo shows the head and body of Alicia cf. Sea slug marginata after one day of separation.

Sayaka Mito

Most animals cannot lose their bodies and are still alive. There are two types of marine slugs in Sacoglossan that are not most animals. A team of researchers noticed that marine mollusks severed their heads and then completely reconfigured their bodies with hearts and other internal organs. The act of shedding a body part is called autotomy. it’s a What do lizards do when they lose their tail For self-preservation.

Drop the entire body is more dramatic than losing the tail. «We thought he would soon die without a heart and other important organs, but we were surprised once again to find that it rejuvenates the whole body,» Sayaka Mito From Nara Women’s University in Japan she said in a press release on Monday. Meto is the lead author of A. A study of marine mollusks published in Cell Press Current Biology.

The severed heads of sea slugs were able to feed within hours.

Sayaka Mito

Renewable marine mollusks were younger individuals. It took about a week for the heart to regrow and fully recover their bodies within three weeks. The researchers suggest that there may be «stem-like cells» that sever the neck allowing for regrowth.

The heads of younger sea slugs were able to move around and feed on algae shortly after separation, which appears to have been the key to their survival. The heads of ancient slugs did not feed.

Unusual animals take a cue from plants. “The marine mollusks in question were really unique in that they contained chloroplasts from the algae that eat them in their bodies, a habit known as robbery,” Cell-Press said. «It gives animals the ability to fuel their bodies through photosynthesis.»

The ability to regrow the body is not unheard of. Some types of jellyfish can regenerate After injury. However, the self-decapitation portion of the marine slug operation adds to the ambiguity. The researchers suggest the procedure might be a way to get rid of internal parasites, but the motive is unclear.

The surprising body regeneration process is already giving scientists ideas for further studies. “Since the tibial body has often been active for several months, we may be able to study the mechanism and functions of kleptoplasty using living organs, tissues, or even cells,” Mito said.

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