Tom Brady takes Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the convention championship in the first season at NFC

The pirates signed quarterback Tom Brady This is off-season for moments like this: the head-to-head confrontation with the New Orleans Saints team that had a relentless grip on NFC South, to bring Tampa Bay back into post-season for the first time in 13 years, and to become the first team in NFL history to host His hometown is Super Bowl.

The Bucs is one step away from completing that trilogy.

In the second leg of the playoff saga that began as a wild card down the road — the first in Brady’s 21-year career — Tampa Bay beat New Orleans 30-20 Sunday night. The Saints had swept the Bucs in the regular season, beating them by 46 points in two matches.

Up next: Lambeau Field, against Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. Brady would be his fourteenth convention title match and Box four, after she recently defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 on the road en route to winning Super Bowl XXXVII after the 2002 season.

Against the Saints, Brady completed 18 of 33 passes for 199 yards, and two landings in the air, one of them to the ground without interceptions. He is now 3-5 against quarterback Saints Drew PressAlthough the story is defensive and grounded, the story is told. Saints often line up with deep security, with an emphasis on preventing major plays on the stadium.

Jogging Backpackers Bucs Leonard Fortnite And the Ronald Jones Combined for 169 yards of melee. The reception of the saints Michael Thomas Captured without hunting, Bucs’ team was served three takeaways that landed.

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Buck Cornback Sean Murphy Ponting He snapped the Brees on a lane designated for Thomas in the second quarter, and brought her 36 yards back to the New Orleans 3 yard streak. Then, the receiver Bucs Mike Evans Possession punctuated it with a 3-yard drop — his first catch of the season against Saints Cornerback Marshon Latimore.

Then in the third quarter, Bucs rookie safety Antoine Winfield Jr. Kick the ball out of the saints’ hands with a tight end Jared Cook, With Bock inside the back Devin White Take it back 18 yards. Fortnite then picked up a 6-yard touchdown pass from Brady on a diagonal road.

In the fourth quarter, White picked Brees on a lane dedicated to New Orleans Alvin Camara, With Brady holding it for 1 yard. Later, Bucs safety Mike Edwards He got a pass from Brees which was tilted by Bucs fullback Lafonte David.

While Sunday marked Brady’s fourteenth win in a divisional playoff match, it was just his second victory on the road, in his first season at NFC.

Matt LaFleur, the Packers’ coach, said how nourished his players were to have fans in their stadium on Saturday against the Los Angeles Rams, in a match he favors the best player. Aaron Rodgers Delivered a performance for the ages against the No. 1 League defense.

A broad future Davant Adams He even declared, «No one can stop us.»

However, in Week 6, Bucs stunned the Packers 38-10 at home, sacking Rodgers four times, intercepting him twice, and holding the Packers in one low season touchdown.

The Packers scored themselves in each of their top five possessions on Saturday, in the Rodgers’ eighth playoff in which they were responsible for at least three touchdown points, overtaking Brett Favre for third place in NFL history.

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Bucs made some history from Sunday, becoming the ninth team in NFL history and the first since the New York Giants in 2007 to defeat an opponent in a playoff after being swept by the team in the regular season.

Brady is a 9-4 career in League Championship matches, but he’s 3-3 in those matches down the road. Brady is also 4-2 at all times against the Packers and 1-1 in Lambo, while Rodgers has lost three consecutive conference championships.

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