UK doorbell cameras and dashcams capture the meteor on video

population United kingdom They were surprised during the weekend when a Slow-moving meteor Flames caught across Night sky.

The videos were posted on Social media Taken from doorbells and dashcams across Britain The Fireball Show before 10 pm on a Sunday.

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Video UK Meteor Network now has over 100,000 YouTube views.

Twitter user “was very clear” JillHemingway Books running Twitter Besides her own shots from Yorkshire.

Another user, Lafford_MK, Mutual Nine-second video from the doorbell of his Milton Keynes home.

Embed a Tweet She wrote to her followers: “Anyone else who has seen #the meteor burning over the UK just before 10 pm tonight? At first I thought it was a bright star or plane, then it got bigger and faster, then a huge flash lit up the sky exploding in a huge tail of orange sparks leaving behind like toys Giant Fireball! So cool! ”

A fallen object flashed in flight as it began to burn and disintegrate.

The meteor is likely a small piece of a comet or an asteroid entering the planet’s atmosphere, the founding partner of the meteorite network in the United Kingdom. Richard Casserek told the New York TimesIndicating that it is believed that some pieces of it have survived the fall.

Some witnesses reported Hear a loud or roar

Scholars From the British Fireball Federation (UKFall) and approved Yahoo News said That bright light was accelerating at about 30,000 miles per hour.

Hundreds of people have gone online with eyewitness reports of the incident.

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In general, meteorites are common, although less than 5% reach the ground. According to NASA.

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Reports of the Institute of Planetary Sciences That approximately 500 meteors arrived The earth’s surface Annually, but less than 10 are found.

More than 50,000 meteorites have been found on Earth, most of them from asteroids, they report.

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