Video: Pedro Burns racing against a solar eclipse in Ride to Darkness

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In just three minutes and during a total solar eclipse, Pedro Burns descended from Villarrica volcano at full speed to perform a retrograde solstice at the same moment the sun covered the moon.

On December 14th, the career of Chilean enduro athlete Pedro Burns set a new milestone by running against the eclipse and making a spectacular backlash at the same moment the southern Chilean skyline completely darkened.

This astronomical phenomenon was accompanied by torrential rains, which gave an additional challenge to this crazy race with the time in which the Chilean national champions shone three times and the top 20 in the last World Championship Enduro.

The Burns Challenge was recorded in a 3-minute video where you can experience the frantic race along a narrow path from the side of the volcano that passes through a dense local forest to reach the peak moment of the eclipse at a slope on which a back flip is located.

The video available on is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes production in which Burns demonstrates the main difficulty he faced in meeting this challenge: rain.

Besides the weather conditions, the Pedro Burns helmet was another novelty in this project. The action would also have happened in the dark. Spanish company OneTech Media developed and uses luminous technology that combines electroplating with a small battery inside the helmet. This provided the light Burns needed to shine in the middle of a total eclipse.

After completing the challenge, Burns commented on the difficulties of doing a back blade in the dark:

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From the start I wanted to jump in, but I never imagined that we would have too many complications. We arrived and it was raining completely, the floor did not allow us to reach the necessary speed and we thought we would not achieve that.

Finally, with the team, we decided to give it a try and started digging and removing the first layer of earth and succeeded. It’s really something that gives a great conclusion to this year.

Pedro Burns

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