We can fix Mars, says Jim Green, retired chief scientist at NASA

Oh, yeah, I’d like to see him earlier, but that’s not going to happen. There is a certain series of missions that are very large and are called strategic missions. For them to actually happen, the stars must align. You have to propose it, and have a solid business, go to NASA and then bring it to Congress. Every year, I would suggest a Europa mission. every year. The administration was not interested in going to Europe.

The Yoruba Pillars are what made the Yoruba mission happen. I was at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union in 2013. Many scientists were about to give a lecture Finding a pillar with Hubble over EuropeAnd I say, “Oh my God.” I said that’s cool, I want to do a press conference. I reconnected to NASA headquarters, and they checked out. I took this information with me to headquarters and added it to the Yoruba story. This really turns the corner. They said, “Wow, maybe we should do this.”

Congress decided against Put the probe into the task. do you want one

I’d love a lander, but it’s not in the cards. It makes the task very complicated, but everything we do on Clipper advances to the probe. I insisted that we have a fairly high-resolution imaging device that as we fly over certain areas we’ll get the information we need to go, “let’s land there and safely.” Europa has some really dangerous terrain, so if we don’t get high-resolution images, we’ll never be able to land.

You want to take a step, but not a big one. You fail when you do that. Viking is this example, where we’ve taken a very big step. We didn’t know where to go, we didn’t know enough about soil or toxins in the soil. We didn’t really have a good idea of ​​where water was on the planet in the past. There were 10 things we should know before we put the Vikings on the surface.

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Are you still working on scientific papers when you retire?

Oh, sure. I have a Mars sheet to do with. I have a Europa paper that I’m writing right now. I have a book on astrobiology that I’m doing. I have an insatiable appetite for science.

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