What John Harpo of The Ravens said in Sean McDermott’s Bills game

Not much went right for the Baltimore Ravens in their 17-3 loss to Buffalo bills Saturday evening on the NFL teams tour.

Justin Tucker, the most accurate kicker in the NFL, missed his first two shooting attempts on the field by hitting the ball both times off the post. His only creation was soon.

After tying in first half at three, Harbaugh’s defense abandoned an opening kickoff score that culminated in Stefon Diggs grabbing Josh Allen’s quick pass. Baltimore would collect 15 games that lasted nearly nine minutes and took them all the way to the nine-yard Buffalo streak. In third place and goal, Lamar Jackson was looking for his favorite goal, the narrow end Mark Andrews, only to have Taron Johnson jump in front of the lane and take 101 yards home to get him to score with Buffalo. It was the red zone’s first interception in Jackson’s career.

The poor shots plagued Baltimore throughout the evening as well, and the Ravens move that followed, Jackson had to return near his finish zone to retrieve the loose ball. He tried to throw it away, but was reported due to intentional grounding and injury in the play. It will be placed in concussion protocol and will not return to the game.

Although there was a bad day in the office everywhere, Ravens head coach John Harbo was nothing but a class for Bills head coach Sean McDermott. After Buffalo won, Harbaugh had a simple message to McDermott.

Win everything.

After the game, Harbaugh met with the media and praised Buffalo’s game plan.

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Congratulations for the bills, Harbou said in his opening statement. «Obviously they played a very good football game in all three stages. They were free from mistakes and took advantage of their opportunities. The start of the second half was great and then also the trading volume. They did a great job. Shawn, Leslie and all their buddies, congratulations.

Buffalo will find out who to face in the AFC Championship match tomorrow afternoon when the Cleveland Browns face the Kansas City Chiefs. If Cleveland pulls off the surprise, Buffalo will host the championship match. If Kansas City wins, the Bills will head to Arrowhead Stadium.


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