Who enters, who goes out for Week 16 against the mighty

The Green Bay Packers will not have their backup support Sunday night against the Tennessee Titans, but the offensive line will re-start a major start in Week 16.

Full-back Jamal Williams is inactive due to a four-way injury, while center-back Corey Lynley is back and active after missing three matches with a knee injury.

Williams was listed as suspect after his quadriplegic injury to the Carolina Panthers last week. Rookie AJ ​​Dillon will be No. 2 in a row, and the Packers have also removed Dexter Williams from the coaching team.

Linsley’s return should allow Pro Bowler Elgton Jenkins to slide into the left guard. Players can choose between Lucas Patrick, Billy Turner and Rick Wagner on the right goalkeeper and the correct tackle positions. Linsley missed his victories over the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions and Panthers after he injured his knee in front of the Chicago Bears on November 29.

Will Redmond safety (concussion) and narrow limb Jess Sternberger (concussion) are both inactive. The healthy scratches are midfielder Jordan Love, defensive line Anthony Rush, goalkeeper Simon Stepanyak and center back Jonathan Garvin.

While Rush is inactive, the Packers lift veteran Brian Price from the coaching team, providing extra depth along the defensive line.

Packers are inactive

QB Jordan love
RB Jamal Williams
DL Anthony Rush
S Will Redmond
T Jess Sternberger
J Simon Stepanyak
OLB Jonathan Garvin

Inactive titans

RB Snores Berry
CB Christian Fulton
CB Cream Ur
RB D’Onta Foreman
OLB Derek Roberson
DL Larille Murchison

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