With the tenth flight, creativity has flown over a mile on the surface of Mars

This site, nicknamed

This site, nicknamed “High Altitudes,” was spotted by NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter during its ninth flight on July 5, 2021.
picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s Creativity Helicopter successfully completed its tenth flight on Mars on Saturday, This brings the total distance traveled on the Red Planet to more than one mile (about 1.60 kilometres). And take important photos to help her persevering roving friend.

in a Twitter share early sunday, NASA confirmed thatThe ts helicopter flew over an area called “Raised Ridges”, part of a breaking system that the persistence team finds curious and considering visiting sometime in the future. Fracture systems often work Tracks For underground fluids. If the water was indeed flowing through the higher elevations, it would be an ideal place to look for evidence of past Martian life, which is the rover’s primary goal, perhaps even Dig a sample for further examination.

On Friday, Creative Operations Leader Teddy Zanitos described the helicopter’s planned flight path at Status update. Tzanetos said Flight 10 was Ingenuity’s most complex endeavor to date in terms of navigation and performance. The flight contained 10 distinct track points and a nominal height of 40 feet (12 metres), a new record height and an increase of 33 feet (10 meters) it achieved on its ninth flight. He said the flight was estimated at 165 seconds.

Tzanetos explained that the flight, which NASA hasn’t released full details of yet, will start with Ingenuity’s take off from its sixth airport and then move south by southwest about 165 feet (50 meters). The helicopter will then take two photos of Raised Ridges from marked waypoints heading south. You’ll continue flying far to the west and northwest, taking pictures of the rising edges from each lookout point. NASA aims to use overlapping data from these waypoints to create a variety of stereo images.

The status update also takes time to remind us of how creativity has transcended its initial goals and performed great maneuvers. It has survived on Mars for 107 Martian days, or Mars days, 76 more than its original mission.

In addition, the helicopter has also been able to make two flight program updates designed to improve its flight and color image capture capabilities. Creativity has flown for over 14 minutes on Mars, or more than 112% of its performance in tech shows. It also gave us new views of the red planet, taking 43 13-megapixel color photos and 809 black and white navigation photos.

Overall, creativity has broadened our horizons of what is possible on Mars and given us an exciting gift of knowledge during these difficult times on Earth. Let’s keep cheering it on and enjoy it while we can.

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